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Damon Braces

The orthodontic brace treatment known as Damon braces offers a suitable substitute for traditional metal braces. The groundbreaking self-ligating brackets used in Damon System braces are a discrete fitting appliance that impart frictionless force to the teeth to aid in tooth movement.

As a result, both teenagers and adults can benefit from the quick and comfortable procedure. Gains from Damon braces


Shorter treatment times and fewer dental checkups are possible with Damon braces. This implies that you could have the smile you've always desired much faster than you anticipated!


Compared to conventional metal braces, the friction-free self-ligating brackets offer improved comfort.


The Damon brace system is simple to clean, making it simple to maintain and regulate a high standard of oral hygiene.

Beautiful in appearance

Damon braces are more discrete than traditional metal braces because they use thinner brackets. You'll be able to wear them with more assurance as a result.

Treatment stages using Damon braces.

Stage 1

First, you must visit Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a consultation. Here, one of our staff members will talk with you about the treatment's suitability and your planned aims. Your teeth will be cast in special photos and impression moulds.

Stage 2

The braces can be attached in only one visit once they have been customised to fit your teeth. It takes little time or effort to attach the cables and brackets.

Stage 3

The staff at Smile Hub Dental Clinic will then decide with you when it is best to return for examinations. This typically takes place every ten weeks and entails making minor changes to your braces. Compared to therapy with traditional metal braces, the total length of time is typically reduced by six months.

FAQ's - What are Damon Braces?

The new orthodontic procedure known as Damon braces enables painless and quick treatment. Prior to treatment, teeth are typically not extracted as often, and the self-ligating brackets make therapy incredibly comfortable.

What is the price of the Damon brace system?

Damon braces are available at a very affordable price from Smile Hub Dental Clinic. During your consultation, the whole cost of your care will be reviewed because each patient's difficulties will have a significant impact on the price.

What stores sell Damon braces?

Our Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside can complete your Damon system brace treatment.

What makes Smile Hub Dental Clinic the best option for me?

Our crew is totally dedicated to offering the best care and is highly professional. Our Damon system brace therapy is very reasonably priced. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

How do I start using the Damon brace?

First, make an appointment with Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a consultation to go over your options for Damon braces. From there, we will be able to ascertain the outcomes you are seeking and talk about a comprehensive treatment strategy. To make your bespoke braces for therapy, we will take impressions of your teeth.

How long does treatment with the Damon brace last?

Braces like Damon move far more quickly than traditional braces. Treatment with Damon braces typically lasts between six and fifteen months, which is four to six months less time than with other orthodontic methods.

Are Damon's braces painful?

Once you begin orthodontic treatment, there will be an adjustment period, as with most orthodontic alternatives. Very little pain is experienced during treatment because of the self-ligating, friction-free brackets and wires.

Will anyone notice that I'm wearing them?

Braces using the Damon technique have substantially thinner brackets and wires than braces using more traditional methods. They are a fairly discrete procedure, although not nearly as invisible as braces and aligners that are invisible to the naked eye.

Is brushing your teeth more challenging when you have Damon braces on?

As opposed to traditional braces, Damon braces do not employ elastic ties, making them less likely to harbour bacteria. This indicates that Damon braces let you retain and have complete control over your dental hygiene.


Suzanne Jackson

Thank you so much to @smilehubhubdentalclinic for sorting me out with a last minute cracked tooth! 💕🙏



Sunday morning dentist needed badly and they had one! Amazing service!! Thank you so much. Everyone's so kind.


Emma Cunningham

Dr. Laura Fee and the entire team are amazing, so friendly throughout and really reassuring! I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation and didn’t feel a thing. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt totally comfortable - would recommend this dental practice to anyone, they really do go above and beyond!


Caoimhe Mc Sweeney

Thank you Smile Hub for the caring experience that you gave to me yesterday. I was nervous but your team were amazing at calming me and doing the wisdom teeth extractions super quick with no sedation. I really appreciate it! I couldn’t recommend Smile Hub highly enough.


Zena Sherry

Brilliant service- dealt with me on a bank holiday at 10pm when I couldn't get an appointment anywhere else- staff are lovely & dentist amazing- highly recommend.


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