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Invisalign® Lite Braces

Invisalign® Lite employs transparent plastic aligners, just like the original Invisalign® system, to assist move your teeth into the correct position. As a result, they are essentially undetectable and challenging to find, even under careful inspection.


Treatment with Invisalign® Lite requires even less time than with the original Invisalign®. This is due to the fact that Invisalign® Lite only needs between ten and fifteen aligners to complete the entire process and fixes only minor issues with misaligned teeth.


The aligners used with Invisalign® Lite are also manufactured of smooth, transparent plastic, much like Invisalign®. This makes it possible to move while experiencing the maximum level of comfort.

Treatment phases with Invisalign® Lite - Stage One

When you first visit Smile Hub Dental Clinic, a consultation will be held to determine whether Invisalign® Lite is a good option for your teeth.

Stage Two

Your teeth's impressions will be captured together with unique pictures, which will later be customised into a three-dimensional image. The probable movement of your teeth throughout therapy is then planned and plotted using this image.

Stage Three

Your custom aligners will be constructed using the three-dimensional photographs and the treatment strategy we discussed. Typically, Invisalign® Lite only needs ten to fourteen aligners to complete the treatment.

Stage Four

Once your treatment has started and you have received your aligners, you will need to wear them for roughly twenty-two hours each day, excluding when you eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

FAQs for Invisalign® Lite - What exactly is Invisalign® Lite?

An expedited version of the original Invisalign® system is Invisalign® Lite. It offers all the same advantages as Invisalign® while also fixing minor tooth issues. Treatment with Invisalign® Lite is incredibly quick and only needs ten aligners to be finished.

Is Invisalign® Lite suitable for all people?

Not perfectly. Patients with extremely mild issues and those who only need a little amount of tooth mobility might consider Invisalign® Lite. Although it can be worn by people of all ages, it only slightly improves minor dental problems such crowding, spacing, and misplaced teeth.

What is the price of Invisalign® Lite?

Depending on the results of the initial consultation and the required amount of time for treatment, Smile Hub Dental Clinic may recommend Invisalign® Lite. You can talk to a member of the Smile Hub Team to find out the total cost of your treatment.

Where can I begin utilising Invisalign® Lite for my treatment?

First, arrange an appointment at Smile Hub Dental Clinic to go over your Invisalign® Lite options. From there, we will be able to define your desired outcomes and a comprehensive treatment strategy. To create your personalised aligners, we will take imprints and unique pictures of your teeth.

What makes Smile Hub Dental Clinic the right choice for me?

Our crew is totally dedicated to offering the best care and is highly professional. Our Invisalign® Lite procedure has very affordable costs and a number of free extras, including as comprehensive aftercare.

How long does Invisalign® Lite treatment last?

Treatment duration is greatly shortened with Invisalign® Lite since it only requires ten to fourteen aligners. Compared to the original Invisalign® treatment times of between twelve and eighteen months, results are seen immediately, and the whole course of treatment typically lasts between five and six months.

Are the aligners entirely undetectable?

Since the aligners are constructed of clear plastic, they are almost undetectable. Most people won't be able to tell that you are wearing braces or aligners, not even when they look very closely.

Can I have food and liquids while using the aligners?

When eating and drinking, the Invisalign® Lite aligners will need to be taken off. This will allow you to indulge in whatever you like and keep you free from tooth decay or gum disease.

Is Invisalign® Lite painful?

The aligners are composed of smooth plastics, so they won't irritate you, but at first there might be a little discomfort while you get acclimated to them. Your teeth may feel a little bit of pressure from the aligners, but it just proves they are working.

Can I brush my teeth normally while wearing Invisalign® Lite?

Yes, since the removable Invisalign® Lite aligners. Even when using Invisalign® Lite, excellent oral hygiene is still possible.


Suzanne Jackson

Thank you so much to @smilehubhubdentalclinic for sorting me out with a last minute cracked tooth! 💕🙏



Sunday morning dentist needed badly and they had one! Amazing service!! Thank you so much. Everyone's so kind.


Emma Cunningham

Dr. Laura Fee and the entire team are amazing, so friendly throughout and really reassuring! I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation and didn’t feel a thing. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt totally comfortable - would recommend this dental practice to anyone, they really do go above and beyond!


Caoimhe Mc Sweeney

Thank you Smile Hub for the caring experience that you gave to me yesterday. I was nervous but your team were amazing at calming me and doing the wisdom teeth extractions super quick with no sedation. I really appreciate it! I couldn’t recommend Smile Hub highly enough.


Zena Sherry

Brilliant service- dealt with me on a bank holiday at 10pm when I couldn't get an appointment anywhere else- staff are lovely & dentist amazing- highly recommend.


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