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The best buddy of your smile is a hygienist. They are dental specialists with specialised training in maintaining healthy, clean teeth and gums. Your hygienist will examine the condition of your teeth and gums during your dental exam.

In order to maintain your entire dental health in top shape, they provide a variety of services like scaling and polishing. Additionally, they may assist you in creating a personalised oral hygiene regimen to avoid issues like discoloration, poor breath, gum disease, plaque buildup, and more.

The hygienists at Smile Hub Dental Clinic are equipped with the potent Airflow system, a cutting-edge cleaning method that gives you that just-left-the-dentist experience.

How can they help me?

There is much more to a hygienist's job than simply cleaning teeth, despite the misconception that many people have. Your hygienist can provide a thorough cleaning that is more effective than what you can do at home with a toothbrush.

Stain Removal 

Stain Removal  Our hygienists also make use of the ground-breaking AirFlow system, which removes stains from your teeth by combining water, sodium bicarbonate, and air.

Fresh Breath

Fresher breath is a result of a clean mouth!

Prevention of gum disease

Gums that bleed when being brushed is one of the early indicators of gum disease. Your hygienist will test for this, and if they detect any signs during routine visits, they will be able to assist in treating them before the condition has a chance to worsen. It's critical to pay attention to these signs since gum disease can cause teeth to shift or even fall out if left untreated.

Oral Hygiene Planning

We will develop a custom strategy for the best possible oral hygiene care based on your unique needs. This includes suggesting the best items, various brush kinds, and demonstrating the most efficient ways to use them.

Dietary Advice

Our teeth may be impacted by the food we eat, either through acid erosion or discoloration. Our hygienists can offer advice on altering eating habits if your diet has already caused damage to your teeth.

Routine hygiene

We encourage you to schedule a few consultations a year to assist keep you on the right track because we all know that life can often get in the way of maintaining the ideal oral hygiene regimen. It will be simpler for you to keep a healthy mouth between appointments if the hygienist gave your mouth a thorough cleaning. Even fewer dental visits could result from improved oral hygiene!

FAQ's - Why do my gums bleed after visiting the hygienist?

Contrary to popular belief, the hygienist does not cause gum bleeding. Your body's defence mechanism in response to plaque and bacteria on your teeth and gums is what actually triggers the bleeding. Your gums will get irritated and inflamed as a result of any plaque that is left behind after brushing or flossing, which can occasionally be unpleasant. Inflamed gums may bleed while the hygienist removes this plaque from the teeth. This bleeding can be controlled by brushing well and visiting the hygienist frequently.

Why do I need to see a hygienist when my dentist already cleans my teeth during check-ups?

Your dentist will use the brief time they have with you analysing the condition of your teeth to determine whether any restorations are necessary. A scale and polish could be offered, but this would be quite quick. Your dentist's hygienist will have a longer session with you so they can spend more time cleaning your teeth thoroughly. They can also give you individualised guidance on how to clean around bridges or implants and any particular products you should use.

Is it painful?

The hygiene procedure shouldn't hurt. If your teeth or gums are especially sensitive, we can apply mild anaesthetic to relieve any discomfort. In order for them to assist you, please make sure to discuss this with your hygienist prior and let them know if anything is bothersome while you are receiving treatment.

They utilise electric instruments for what reason? My teeth are hand-cleaned by my dentist.

Your teeth will be cleaned by our hygienists using an ultrasonic scaler. Although some individuals find the noise a little alarming, this is actually pretty benign. Compared to a manual scaler, this vibrates at a high frequency, making it perfect for swiftly and easily eliminating tartar and plaque. During the procedure, a water jet cleans off the plaque while also soothing and cooling your gums.

How much time is spent at a hygiene appointment?

Your appointment's duration will depend on your particular needs, but it will often last 45 to an hour. When you first visit, we will set up an entire hour for you so that we have enough time to fully examine your mouth and talk about your requirements and concerns.

The hygienist constantly advises me to brush more thoroughly at home, but shouldn't they be cleaning my teeth?

Your hygienist's primary responsibility is to assist you in practising proper oral hygiene, therefore it's critical that you collaborate. This includes offering you a tonne of personalised guidance on how to brush effectively at home. Plaque won't accumulate on your teeth and calculus won't have a chance to form if you practise exceptionally good oral hygiene. Keeping your teeth free of plaque and calculus will also help you avoid gum disease, one of the main reasons for tooth loss. Your hygienist's treatments will provide you with a "clean slate," which will make this upkeep simpler.

How frequently should I go to the hygienist?

This can be done as frequently as every six weeks or as infrequently as once every six months, depending on the state of your gums.


Suzanne Jackson

Thank you so much to @smilehubhubdentalclinic for sorting me out with a last minute cracked tooth! 💕🙏



Sunday morning dentist needed badly and they had one! Amazing service!! Thank you so much. Everyone's so kind.


Emma Cunningham

Dr. Laura Fee and the entire team are amazing, so friendly throughout and really reassuring! I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation and didn’t feel a thing. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt totally comfortable - would recommend this dental practice to anyone, they really do go above and beyond!


Caoimhe Mc Sweeney

Thank you Smile Hub for the caring experience that you gave to me yesterday. I was nervous but your team were amazing at calming me and doing the wisdom teeth extractions super quick with no sedation. I really appreciate it! I couldn’t recommend Smile Hub highly enough.


Zena Sherry

Brilliant service- dealt with me on a bank holiday at 10pm when I couldn't get an appointment anywhere else- staff are lovely & dentist amazing- highly recommend.


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