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During orthodontic treatment, teeth are moved into positions that are healthier for your smile, the way your teeth bite together, and your general dental health. Orthodontic treatment can take many months to complete since the forces used to shift teeth are gradual. The smile you finally manage to get is worthwhile and going to last.

Why should I get orthodontic care?

There are many advantages to straightening your teeth. Jaw problems and tooth wear can be brought on by bite problems, such as an overbite or underbite. In addition to realigning teeth, orthodontics can also realign the jaw.

Teeth that overlap each other leave spaces between them where plaque and tartar can grow. Gum disease is more likely to be an issue because these areas are difficult to clean. Teeth straightening can lessen the likelihood of tartar accumulation and maintain a bacterium-free mouth.

You could feel self-conscious if your smile has gaps or misaligned teeth. When choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery, many people aim to achieve a straight smile because it is so obvious.

At our clinic, we have a highly skilled orthodontics team. Our expert orthodontist has extensive knowledge in tooth straightening.

The very finest orthodontic care is provided to our patients by him and his supportive team, which includes skilled orthodontic nurses and a certified orthodontist therapist.


Suzanne Jackson

Thank you so much to @smilehubhubdentalclinic for sorting me out with a last minute cracked tooth! 💕🙏



Sunday morning dentist needed badly and they had one! Amazing service!! Thank you so much. Everyone's so kind.


Emma Cunningham

Dr. Laura Fee and the entire team are amazing, so friendly throughout and really reassuring! I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation and didn’t feel a thing. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt totally comfortable - would recommend this dental practice to anyone, they really do go above and beyond!


Caoimhe Mc Sweeney

Thank you Smile Hub for the caring experience that you gave to me yesterday. I was nervous but your team were amazing at calming me and doing the wisdom teeth extractions super quick with no sedation. I really appreciate it! I couldn’t recommend Smile Hub highly enough.


Zena Sherry

Brilliant service- dealt with me on a bank holiday at 10pm when I couldn't get an appointment anywhere else- staff are lovely & dentist amazing- highly recommend.


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