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Incongnito Lingual Braces

Our Smile Hub Dental Clinic can complete your Incognito brace treatment.

What is Incognito?

Teenagers and adults can get Incognito, a lingual brace system that hides below the teeth and is unnoticeable.

What is the price of Incognito?

At very affordable pricing, Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides Incognito braces. In order to account for problems, the complete cost of your Incognito brace treatment will be disclosed during your appointment.

What makes Smile Hub Dental Clinic the best option for me?

Our crew is totally dedicated to offering the best care and is highly professional. Our Incognito brace therapy is very reasonably priced. For a consultation, get in touch with our clinic.

Who is a good fit for Incognito?

Each and every person who qualifies for standard brace treatment will be able to have Incognito braces. Incognito will be available to those ages thirteen and older all the way up to sixty.

How do I start my therapy?

First, make an appointment with Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a consultation to go over your options for Incognito braces. From there, we will be able to ascertain the outcomes you are seeking and talk about a comprehensive treatment strategy. For the creation of your bespoke braces, we will take impressions of your teeth.

Is Incognito as efficient as other methods for using invisible braces?

Lingual incognito braces are equally successful as other orthodontic procedures.

How long does utilising Incognito for treatment take?

Because each person is unique, treatment times may vary slightly. However, Incognito treatment often lasts fifteen to twenty-eight months.

Incognito: Is it actually undetectable?

In contrast to other orthodontic solutions that are invisible, Incognito braces are positioned below the teeth. This implies that when they smile, they cannot be seen at all.

Can I have any food throughout my treatment?

No. Unfortunately, some foods cannot be consumed while getting Incognito therapy. Ice, hard candies, raw veggies, and sticky snacks are some of these foods.

Does Incognito's treatment hurt?

The Incognito braces' archwires will be tightened after each dental examination. This implies that for a few days, there may be a little pressure and discomfort, but it will pass quickly.

Should I brush my teeth more frequently while receiving Incognito treatment?

It is crucial to prevent gum disease and tooth decay while receiving Incognito treatment. Instead of brushing your teeth twice a day, you will now need to do it at least four times daily. Maintaining excellent oral health throughout treatment will depend on maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene to prevent food from getting stuck in the braces.


Suzanne Jackson

Thank you so much to @smilehubhubdentalclinic for sorting me out with a last minute cracked tooth! 💕🙏



Sunday morning dentist needed badly and they had one! Amazing service!! Thank you so much. Everyone's so kind.


Emma Cunningham

Dr. Laura Fee and the entire team are amazing, so friendly throughout and really reassuring! I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation and didn’t feel a thing. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt totally comfortable - would recommend this dental practice to anyone, they really do go above and beyond!


Caoimhe Mc Sweeney

Thank you Smile Hub for the caring experience that you gave to me yesterday. I was nervous but your team were amazing at calming me and doing the wisdom teeth extractions super quick with no sedation. I really appreciate it! I couldn’t recommend Smile Hub highly enough.


Zena Sherry

Brilliant service- dealt with me on a bank holiday at 10pm when I couldn't get an appointment anywhere else- staff are lovely & dentist amazing- highly recommend.


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